Malassezia Yeast: Signs of Presence when Symptoms are mild or Isolated

                                                  ( June 12 )                                        
                            Malassezia Yeast: Signs of Presence 
                            when Symptoms are mild or Isolated


                                " Knowing  Helps Prevention " 

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Head / Hair

* Frequently Itchy, Flaky, Gritty Scalp
* Thinning, Dull and /or Falling Hair
* Easily Knotting, Comb Resistant
* Characteristic Ashy Odour especially after body heat producing activity
  (like an ashtray without the cigarette pang!)


* Frequent, temporary, Intense Itch very Deep in the Canal
   as if something crawling or digging in
   not accessed or relived by cotton bud cleaning

* Sudden, unexplained, temporary Rash of Heat and Redness
   on outer area with or without Itchiness

* Gritty accumulation behind the ear at the base/crease

* Itchy or Stinging sensation when rubbing or cleaning the crease at the back

* Blood presence when cleaning the inside with a cotton bud


*Waking up with Swollen and /or Red Puffy Eyelids

*Thick eye feeling in the morning, as if lenses covered with
  thin semi-transparent film obstructing clear vision, like conjunctivitis

* Frequent irritation

* Frequent whitish Discharge ( containing gritty particles when rubbed dry)

* Red, Itchy Swollen Eyelashes, Thinning and Poor in quality

* Occasional, annoying Eyelid Flatter as if something crawling underneath
   on the eye surface... and of course it is!


* Sudden Catarrh often followed by  itchiness
   or something crawling or irritating inside.

* Reddish, sore and / or Itchy and Burning at the edges as if having a cold

  (Both caused by invasion of early development stage Malassezia even if nothing felt)

* Accumulation of Gritty Sticky particles.

* Unexplained Pain / soreness  and /or Blood if cleaned with tissue


* Stretched or Cracked lips and as if Covered with a Thin Dry Film
  that wetting them does not relieve or change

* Vertical Bleeding Cracks

* Herpes like Sores on Lips or at the Edges

* Accumulation of Thick, White Saliva at the edges of the mouth
   even when inside of mouth feels dry.


* Thick Semi-Greasy, Sticky appearance and feel, looking or feeling Dull and Blemished

* Unusually /excessively Sticky Greasy in certain areas

* Occasional or Persistent Pimply Bumps, Itchy or not and /or Filled with Pus and Grit
   some subsiding after a couple of weeks if not scratched
   others breaking open forming a Blood Crust turning Itchy at intervals 
   with a sandy-gritty release if scratched .

* Darker or Lighter Patches on different areas.
  Darker when there is presence of Grayish Sticky Layer
  Lighter after Malassezia completion of growth and light damage to skin area

Beard / Moustache

(Not much i can report as first-hand experience, Lol!... consulting my man on this:) )

* Frequently Itchy, Red, Flaky Skin underneath

* Easily knotting, Comb Resistant

* Occasional appearance of Pimply, Pus Filled Bumps, on Hair Follicles

* White crystalline dandruff like shards hanging on hairs


* Intensely Itchy or Burning at times, and /or some Crawling sensation
  Usually nothing -obvious- follows while occasionally some Bumpy Red Hair Follicles.

Back – Shoulders – Chest - Rib area

* Periodic, temporary Itching and /or Crawling sensation especially around Nipple follicle area
* Occasional or persistent Pimply Bumps –usually itchy- as described on face
* Possible mild –or severe- Rash and Burning or Itching under (female) Breast

Under Breast Fold
Sudden rash of Burning, redness and itchiness. 
Mild cases subside, severe ones can leave a burn like area and or brake into blisters
(Area must  cleaned Immediately and kept at all times dry, no lotions nor powders)

Hands and Fingers

* Itchy, Dry, Cracked skin with suddenly appearing, unexplained Scratches 
  on surface as well as thumbs and fingers

* Itchy, Prickly or Burning sensation

* Greasy Sticky feel

                  Malassezia Paper Cut Scratch line on Thumb


* Poor, Brittle, Braking frequently, at times suddenly appearing Dirty*
  -even if no work or contact with soiling materials has occurred-
  and very hard to clean off.

            (GSL – Grayish Sticky Layer accumulation under Thumb)

* Scraped meticulously with a file after a shower, bath or warm water soak
   may release white, sandy, gritty granules

* Poor withdrawn, almost non-existent, protective Cuticles present
  or looking uneven, crooked, and cracked in places

* At times signs of corrosion of the Nail Bed may appear
   rendering a Reddish, Burning sensation as if the finger has been jammed or injured

 Toenails: (Same as Fingernails above)


* Sudden, unexplained, temporary rush of Heat and Redness or Swelling
   with or without Itchiness, as if Bruised, especially intensifying in the evening

* Sudden heat and /or intense pin and needle pricking, burning sensation


* Crawling sensations, or Itchy and Burning, appearance of Itchy Bumps

Pubic /Groin area

* Sudden Heat and /or Pin and needle pricking sensation, often Itchy and /or Burning
  some pin head size, round, tomato red spots may appear


                       Malassezia Red Pinhead size Spot

* Occasional appearance of Pimply, pus filled Bumps, on Hair Follicles

* Also occasional or persistent Crawling sensation may be experienced

Genitals – Anal areas

* Burning, Itchy sensation and /or Redness/Rash,
  usually Intensified after Sexual Intercourse

* Crawling/Slithering sensation, In or Out, of either or Both areas may be experienced


* Bumpy, Swollen and/or Reddish Hair Follicles some look pus filled.
  ( Looking highly irritated after shaving - as is the case with ladies
   but with some temporary sense of clearance or relief  though Malassezia
   does not get affected by shaving - shaving cream may cause some damage
   but inflames and irritates area rendering it highly inviting for more )

* Involuntary Leg Jerking during resting or Night time in bed (Restless Leg Syndrome)*

* In some areas Thick, Rough and Dry or Stretched, looking Dull and feeling
  like covered with a Plastic stretchy surface, with loss of elasticity
  or Thick, semi-greasy caused by GSL,  Grayish Sticky Layer,  depending on
  individual complexion and degree of Malassezia  presence and effect

* Areas of Discolouration


(Skin  colour on photo darkened to make visible the discolouration patches)

General Body Hair Follicles

* Sudden unexplained Topical or All Over Shivering

* Bumpy, Swollen and/or Reddish Follicles, some may look Pus filled.


             Malassezia Impregnated Swollen Hair Follicle

General Symptoms:

* Sudden unexplained shivering (usually connected with movement at hair follicles)
* Sudden unexplained catarrh (possibly allergic reaction to Malassezia release of chemicals)
* Characteristic Ashy Odour especially after body heat producing activity


* Some symptoms/signs may appear isolated or in some combination with others.

* Some of the symptoms are precursors of ones to follow

* In some or all cases, nothing much may follow some mild, temporary symptoms
   where there is a normal, healthy, body immune response.

 * At times of stress or illness and in some cases if antibiotics or other medication
   is introduced, some symptoms may persist and or develop to a little more severe
   but eventually they may clear upon recovery.

* Some or all of the above signs may also be present due to Different Causes.
   Proper diagnosis is needed before assuming Malassezia as an absolute certainty.
   If assumed or diagnosed as Malassezia, if it does not cause any considerable problems
   being a Natural part of Body Flora, extreme measures may not be necessary
   other than perhaps improving to a Healthier Diet and Boosting the Immune system.

Some helpful precautions for anyone with a fairly good immune system,
still enjoying a normal life, would be:

* Use Antibiotics sparingly and  only when absolutely necessary
   as they disturb the Natural balance by Killing Friendly Natural defences as well

* Consume substances that Do Not place stress on the Body
   and are providing positive Nutritional Value helping to build
   or maintain a healthy immune system.

  If already having indications of possible mild Malassezia problem,
  no matter how light at the present, consider as well as the above
* Taking care of the Precious health you enjoy  today and try to fortify it
   by Natural means, if it shows any signs of faltering.

* Remember and consider that the majority of Malassezia concentration
  is not on the outer skin -even if it appears so- but in the Vagina/ Penis
  and especially Intestinal Canal areas,  where it mainly lives and prospers
  making it difficult to reach and treat thus creating the appearance 
  of repeated  failures to treating it on the outside.

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