Malassezia Yeast: Care when symptoms are mild or isolated.

                                                  ( June 12  )

    Malassezia Yeast: Care when symptoms are mild or isolated.


"Immediate Action  Increases chances of interrupting Development" 

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* Although my personal condition, especially if left without frequent care,
   would not qualify as ‘mild’ or ‘symptom free’ i have resolved using 
   as frequently as possible only natural means and treatments
   and avoid harsh, possibly toxic chemicals.

   (OCT 12 :  It has proved as effective yet less harsh )

Some of the Things i do Currently:

Head / Hair

* Brushing Scalp with a Nail Brush twice a day

* Zinc Pyrithione Shampoo daily – i lather and let stand while washing body

* Selenium  Sulphite together with the Zink Pyrithione
   ( occasionally and only when needed if increased activity detected )

* Permethrin Cream Shampoo with Butoxide  together with Zink Pyrithione
   ( occasionally and only when needed if increased activity detected )


* I Soak well while in the bath and Rub meticulously behind the back

* I Clean with ordinary stick cotton buds twice daily –more if needed

* Also in the morning upon rising and at night before retiring
   i clean the entire area inside /outside and at the back
   with a cotton ball soaked in clean warm water.

* During bath time i extend the shampoo lather to cover the outer area of the ears
   and briefly all over the Face and Eyes just before rinsing

* When itching or crawling in the deeper area, i fill the ear cavity with ‘Aqua Ear’ drops
   tilting the head to the side for a full three minutes – and that’s the end of that Malassezia
   in that area

* I Clean with a Cotton Ball dipped in plain, clean, warm water
   and wipe several times a day, trying to also clean as gently
   and as best as can be done, the Malassezia liquid on the surface of the eye.
   I discard the Cotton once used to clean the eye surface
   and replace if more needed for the outer eyelashes areas

* I apply often during the day softly warmed up Fresh Sea water and at night before bed time.
  I also apply fresh Aloe Vera juice from my Veranda pots.
  As the Aloe Vera gel starts to dry, Malassezia responds within a few seconds
  with a sudden burning itchy sensation.
  It contains natural alkaloids, which i believe through repeated observations
  repel Malassezia and when the gel dries ...so odes MYF!

   Both Aloe Vera, as well as Natural Sea Water contain Rich Nutrients
   that Feed the Eyelashes and Help Restore their strength and health
   even if new batches of Malassezia may persistently go back.


* Much like treating Eyes and Eyelashes,
   I clean with a Cotton Ball dipped in plain, clean, warm water
   and wipe several times a day and wipe dry with a cotton stick in circular motions.


* Both morning and night -more frequently if required- especially after meals
   i clean with a Cotton Ball dipped in plain, clean, warm water, the same as with the eyes
   to clean any food residue and possible Malassezia GS Layer.

* During Bath time i extend the shampoo lather to cover briefly the entire face
  and closed eyelids, just before rinsing

* Where  /if a Pimply Bump, i apply topically a small dub of Neutrogena*

* At night time before bed, i apply Natural Sea Water

* I have a naturally oily complexion and i do not fight it

Beard /Moustache

* I am not in a qualifying position to recommend anything
   but if i had a beard and moustache, as my man has,
   i would apply the same as for the hair and scalp with adjusted to need frequency.

* And although i prefer and am a strong admirer of tidy masculine facial hair
   i would make sure to keep it short and easily manageable
   and clean meticulously after eating or drinking.
   (There are indications Malassezia likes to share - yet not absolutely sure)


*I apply and Brush with Shampoo as on Hair and Scalp.
  Many years of swimming in chlorine and the initial ravaging effects of Malassezia
  have left this area totally hairless – good or bad- but Malassezia is still a frequent
  passing visitor.

I Never use Deodorants, Powders or Anything else....


* I apply and Brush with Shampoo as on Hair and Scalp briefly while in the bath
   and before going to bed i dub Sea Water wherever i can reach

* If a Bump breaks into a Lesion i apply Sea water
   and cover with waterproof strip after a bath.


  Helps heal much faster and prevents attracting more Malassezia
  in an already inflamed area where blood is readily available.

Hands and Fingers

   Itchy, Dry, Cracked skin with suddenly appearing, unexplained Scratches
   on surface as well as thumbs and finger tips

*  I daily brush well both the inside and outside hand surfaces
    using a dub of Zinc Pyrithione Shampoo on a good size Nail Brush
    when i am in the bath.

*  If Scratches appear, i dip them in Sea water immediately after the bath
    and before going to bed. Usually healing is very quick and painless.

       ( SALT+ water is NOT the SAME  as SEAWATER)

Fingers and Toes


* Never –in my entire whole life- have i ever cut off the Cuticles
   compelled by a female perception of beautiful appearance
   as their Purpose is to Protect from Fungal Invasions and Infections.
   They are much like the Front Door of a House...

* I scrape under the Nails very carefully with a file in the morning,
   after a bath and before bed, more if needed, to release all Malassezia
   white, sandy, gritty granules that accumulate and if left
   may Eat into the Nail Bed and create a real mess and harder to treat.

* Whenever i detect GSL -sticky grayish Layer- under the edge of the nail
   i dub-scrape-in, some Neutrogena before bed time and it clears within a couple of days.


  If redness and swelling has not subsided by bed time and is accompanied by itching:

* First i wrap the toe with a well impregnated cotton bud with Sea water.
   wrap another dry cotton bud around the wet one
   and i seal with a plastic strip -and put a sock on- to hold in place- overnight.
   Usually totally effective no requiring any repeat or change of action

   If still there, despite the treatment, i repeat exactly as above
   but replacing sea water with methylated spirits
   to prevent any chance of settling in and development.

* For  pin and needle pricking, i dub some methylated spirits
   but nothing much to be done as it has already penetrated the skin
   and usually it only requires drastic action if in a couple of days
   starts to feel initially as a callous/corn which then opens up
   and develops into a pusy spot ... which will last for weeks
   unless drastic action is taken early. I keep a watchful eye.

Pubic / Groin area

*  Sudden Heat and /or Pin / needle prick sensation,
    indicates Malassezia settling in this area and will create Itchy Bumps developing to Lesions.
    Immediate action is needed washing thoroughly with warm water and clean face cloth
    several times if needed.
    Additionally i apply Seawater (NOT the same as Salt + water) to deter it settling.

* Wash Frequently throughout the day and as often as i may get up at night
   especially each and every single time i ‘go to the bathroom’
   because urine is acid and i have plenty of indication that Malassezia is attracted to it.
   I also wash thoroughly after ‘evacuating’ as Malassezia Resides inside the Rectal area
   and is sure to come out in the waste products and gas.
   Absolute Cleanliness and Concentrated Effort to Disturb the Outer Private areas
   as well as to ascertain that No Grayish Sticky Layer allows Malassezia to  stick there
   is of paramount importance.
* If appearance of Pimply, Pus filled Bumps, not already too advanced,
     Repeated applications of Sea water:

a) Prevent the opening and developing of Painful razor blade like Lesions

b) If already advanced and broken it helps heal much faster

    Dubbing liberally Sea water overnight prevents Malassezia settling there
    and if already settled it prevents normal development
    and if broken already, offers quick painless healing

*  Also crawling sensation may be experienced
   That’s the time to act quickly as above!

  ( Seawater (NOT the same as Salt + water)

Genitals – Anal areas

   Burning, itchy sensation and /or redness/rash
   usually intense after sexual intercourse

* Washing as soon as possible the entire area,
   first with warm water and clean face cloth
   then with cooler in order to cool down the friction resulted inflammation
   which attracts or activates Malassezia, usually lurking in these areas.

   Crawling/Slithering sensation, In or Out of Both areas, may be experienced

* Douching the vagina and drying with clean cotton ball
* Enema for clearing at least temporarily the Rectal area.
* Frequent change of clean underwear

(Immaculate hygiene in that area is of utmost and equal importance
 for Men as for Women, especially when a partner is affected,  because
 ...Malassezia Loves them Both and transfers from one to the other)



   Bumpy, swollen and/or reddish hair follicles some look pus filled.
   Involuntary leg jerking at night time in bed - (restless leg syndrome)

    I vigorously Brush inch by inch using a dub of Zinc Pyrithione Shampoo
    on a good size Nail Brush when i am in the bath,
    allowing first a long soak to soften and expose the bumpy areas
    and render them more vulnerable to brushing off.

*  I apply Sea water immediately after the bah while the skin is warm
    and the pores are open.
*  I do All of the above routinely for the Toes as well.

  In some areas Thick, Rough, Dry, Stretched, looking Dull and Plastic like

  This is caused by GSL Grayish Sticky Layer, if left to dry and not rubbed off.
   Although invisible to the naked eye when on the skin
   it is fairly thick and visible when rubbed off and collected on a tissue.
*  During perspiration, rubbing vigorously with fingers
*  Applying methylated spirits and rubbing vigorously with fingers
*  Applying Neutrogena, for 10-15 mins and rubbing/rinsing with warm water
*  Preferably applying a dub of Z/Pyrithione shampoo on  a Nail brush
    as detailed below

*  I Daily Brush my Entire Body from Top to Toe and Inch by Inch
    using a dub of Zinc Pyrithione Shampoo on a good size Nail Brush
    when i am in the bath, allowing first a Long Soak to soften and expose
    any bumpy areas, especially on the back where more difficult to reach.

*  I use a generous squirt of very mild Baby Bubble Bath wash in the bath
     instead of any fragrant and Oil enriched normal ones.
(OCT 12 : I have discarded  the above using only use 5-6 squirts of Zinc Pyrithione Shampoo)

* Areas of Skin Discolouration nothing much to be worth doing.
   Used to rub banana skins and seemed to work but it is messy and sticky
   and now that i know a lot more than back then i can see it may be  inviting
   to Myf so i do not bother as already  dealing with enough daily maintenance.
   In time it all gets milder and faints and that is fine with me.

General, Body Hair Follicles

  Sudden unexplained shivering

  I assume from observations, it is connected with

  a) Early stage Malassezia Mobilisation Entering and Settling into Body Hair follicles

  b) Mobilisation of later stage Malassezia Exiting Body Hair Follicles
     for a better suited place, to Prepare for the Next stage of development.

  c) Due to at certain times strong feeling of stomach sickness/ nausea
      in a parallel with a strong feeling as if my blood has just been poisoned,
      i believe, but not able to confirm, that this shivering and attached effects
      are due to Malassezia release of chemicals –not sure yet if connected
      with the entering and settling stage – as i feel it is more likely- at the exiting.

  d) There is one more reason i am suspecting of
     –again without absolute certainty- but repeated observation,
      and that is when Malassezia sprays GSL and covers /seals the skin surface
      depriving it from receiving Oxygen. *1

-  Sudden unexplained shivering 
  (usually connected with movement in or out of hair follicles as detailed above)

- Sudden unexplained Catarrh 
  (possibly allergenic reaction to Malassezia ’s release of chemicals)

 ( Taking ½ TSP Vitamin C powder helps )  

- Characteristic Ashy Odour especially after body heat producing activity
( Daily Body / Scalp / Hair care as detailed above reduces its often overpowering odour)


* Some symptoms/signs may appear isolated or in combination with others.

* Some of the symptoms are precursors of others to follow

* In most cases, nothing much may follow some mild, temporary symptoms
   where there is a Normal, Healthy Body Immune Response.

   At times of Stress or Illness and in some cases if Antibiotic or other Medication
   is introduced, some symptoms may persist and or develop to more severe
   but eventually they clear upon recovery.

* Some or all of the above signs may also be present due to other Different Causes.

   Proper Diagnosis is needed before assuming Malassezia as the cause
   in order to Pursue Correct treatment.

   If assumed or diagnosed as Malassezia, if it does Not cause any considerable problems
   as a Natural part of Body Flora, extreme measures may not be necessary
   other than perhaps improving to a Healthier Diet and Boosting the Immune system.

To recap and summarise:

My Current Regular treatments mainly consist of:

1) Zinc Pyrithione Shampoo using normally on the Head
    and sparingly on other parts of the body

2) Clean warm tap water and a lot of cotton as bud  /ripple or balls
    being disposable to avoid spreading and re-contamination.

3) A Clean Face Cloth used only once where more rigorous rubbing needed
    and sent to the wash

4) A Good size Nail Brush

5) Free Blessed Fresh Natural Seawater from our local Beach

Less Frequently and only if necessary and miniature quantities:

1) Occasionally and only topically dubs of Oil Free Neutrogena, as detailed above

2) Occasionally and only if necessary, a dub of methylated spirits

Even Less frequently and only if necessary

1) Selenium Sulphite shampoo ( if i get increased activity on the scalp)

2) Permethrin cream shampoo with Butoxide

None of the substances or methods used above eliminate Malassezia
they just control it and offer great relief without much harm to the skin or body

Acting immediately at the earliest sign of Malassezia presence or activity
in the correct way, and very simple it may be, no need for drastic measures
it considerably increases the chances of interrupting its entering the next stage
of its development and completing it.

Anyone who may think that applying such simple treatments and substances
is simply a joke, i would say that in case of mild and/or isolated signs
there is no reason for drastic measures and from current experience
simple ones as mentioned above are as effective as can be
without harming the skin or the body in general.

In earlier times of immense desperation and only 
partial understanding of the whole picture i was confronted with
there was practically very little that i had not put to the test
yet ineffectual or resulting in painful disasters, financial expense
and burden to the toxic substances eliminating parts of the body. 


*1 Looking for information on IF and How much and How significant amount of Oxygen
is received through the skin i found –as usual many conflicting sources of info,
some claiming the skin does not breath oxygen, some claiming it does
and the pores of the skin do need oxygen, etc.

Once more this lead me back to my own experience and close repeated observation,
and until otherwise convinced, i believe the skin does Breath and Needs Oxygen
even if minute, insignificant for survival amounts, and when Malassezia GSL covers
and blocks it, this causes a feeling of Cold like Shivering Response
irrespective of the environmental temperature.

Coming back to my own experience, a couple of years back
we bought ourselves a new twin electric bed so i could adjust the incline on my side
to improve my breathing during sleep.
The mattresses were 100% Natural Latex, absolutely superb, comfortable feel
and the body entirely sinking and moulding into them.

Within days i discovered that within ticking minutes of the clock
and before even getting comfortable, 
my heart would start pumping like crazy and i felt as if 
desperately deprived and Needing Air!

This was repeated several times during the night, so we had to open the
sliding door wide open as well as having a Fan positioned to blowing air directly
on my face all night!
These measures still did not improve the situation much – if any at all.

Eventually i connected the perfect moulding of mattress and body
and the possibility of it covering tight my entire back
blocking and depriving my skin of breathing.

To put it to the test, i slept alternately, some nights  in my arm chair
and some nights back in our bed. (Very patient understanding husband! :) )

The result was absolutely Clear and Beyond any doubt!
The nights i slept or attempted to sleep in bed i palpitated despite fan and open door
while sleeping in the chair Never Once produce any incident ...

Eventually alternative mattress arrangements were made
and blowing Hurricane curtains and  Blasting Fans became redundant.

I am not trying to convince anybody, just merely illustrating
on how i personally have arrived at this conclusion
after repeated observation of Malassezia  GSL activity, followed by shivering, 
as deprivation of oxygen creates the sensation of feeling cold 
with pore and hair follicle response.



( C6: Malassezia Yeast: Care when Symptoms are mild or isolated )

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