Malassezia Identification and a Helpful Discovery!

                                                              August 11 )

                             Malassezia Identification and a Helpful Discovery!


                                            "How to Shed the Lizard Skin"

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                            Before anything else i would like to Express once more

                                                   My Heartfelt THANKS!

          To the Gentleman who Helped Identify the Malassezia Yeast in my Photo.
                                                    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

                   After countless samples examined under the Microscope 
                   i have finally come to know with certainty that it is Malassezia
                   in its different stages of development causing all the symptoms 
                   described in previous entries and not Demodex 
                   as i had initially suspected due to their many similarities.


                          ( More details on this part of the entry on Original 'Sonata's Story' Blog)

                                                                  * * *

                                                  A Helpful Discovery

                                      Since my latest entry (21 June 11):

All the Lesions in each and every area of my body are now Completely Healed
and most of them completely Cleared, with only a few very faint minor scars remaining
where the lesions were deep and severe- but most significantly have had No new ones
anywhere to this present!

Additionally all areas of rough, dry, scaly, 'lizard like' skin have healed
and New unbelievably smooth and silky skin has now replaced it
leaving absolutely no trace of any problem ever existing.

Also since then i have Stopped using:

* Laundry powder
* Iodine
* Peroxide
* Methylated spirits
* Zinc Oxide
* Comfrey Ointment
* Bicarbonate soda (undecided as to whether beneficial or aggravating the problem)

This improvement i believe i owe to the combination and synergistic action
of four significant changes i made recently, such as :

1) Have Rid of all fabric items that could not be washed

2) Started swimming in salt / chlorinated heated pool
  (replacing daily 'pool salt and soda plus' home baths) 
   ( more recent comments below  *)

3) Have targeted treatment only to specific areas with anti-fungal mixtures
   (minimising dosages and exposure to potentially harmful chemical substances)

4) And most importantly to a Chance Discovery!
  (Unbelievably simple and unbelievably and surprisingly effective!)

At this point i must mention that i have never been a user of any Beauty/Cosmetic
products ever, other than eye-liner and lipstick when younger.

Body creams, moisturisers, face cleansers and all the rest
have practically been non-existent for me and whenever tempted as a woman
i have always been put off by the list of ingredients.

Having said that, during this past wo years i have had to use things
i would have never thought possible that i could ever bring myself to do 
but constant suffering and desperation has broken all boundaries
of health minded resistance.

So it was during our evening TV watch time that a commercial
-even though on mute- happened to attract the attention of my eye
and ever alert brain for "any possible candidates for cure".

I observed the ad several times with the sound on in order to hear
what it was all about and i got that feeling in my gut
that for the first time in my life i should try such a product
but for a different purpose!...

I have spend hundreds of dollars for all sorts of poisons
trying to find something effective so a few more and one more product
that would end up in the rubbish bin, like many other failed ones
made no much difference anymore, so i purchased it and left it standing for a few days
undecided and mocking myself about my naive hope spurred by desperation
- and then i used it!... but not as meant by its marketing instructions.

A simple face cleanser meant to be applied for a few seconds then rinsed off
but instead i spread it all over on dry skin on all parts of my body such as
neck, outer part of ears, thighs and legs that were red, crusted, stretchy and
plastic like as well as the sensitive parts under the breasts that were red
and painfully sore and went a bit further to include my back and buttocks
that were also covered with painful lesions at different stages of development.

I took the risk of leaving it overnight and had a shower the next day.

The results were unbelievable!... 

The lizard like skin started to roll of off my body with a light rub of my fingers
and it took only three to four more 5 minute applications while in the shower
to produce total clearance of all dry, dead skin and even accelerate the healing
process of the lesions.

The initial overnight treatment caused me a couple of days of rather severe arthritis
- hip, knee joint pains etc but it was worth it.
The shorter 5 minute applications later on had minimal effect in this area
but as effective regarding skin clearing.

When all the skin areas were totally clear i ventured to try it on my scalp
as a shampoo, again leaving it for 5 mins only while i was in the shower
and i noticed no activity for the rest of the day and often during the night as well.
I dont know what the effect in the quality of my hair is but did not fall off as i thought it might
and could not get worse than what is already done to it by the Malassezia beast...

The Miraculous product i am talking about is a very simple Face Cleanser!.... 
Yes!... Unbelievable, but true!

(Stay with me - I am Not Selling anything - Neither paid for anything)

Available at the Chemists and Supermarkets - perhaps already in your bathroom! -
totally inexpensive and absolutely 100% effective in regards to

* Getting Rid of Dead skin
* Allowing complete regeneration and
* Preventing new Lesions at least in the treated areas

I am aware now that there are different as well as very similar products
in that line and brand but the particular one i used that has made
this dramatic difference on my skin - if not even also tremendous reduction
of volume and activity of the 'yeast' itself - is this one:

Neutrogena Deep Clean Cream Cleanser Oil Free 200g.


(This is the australian packaging - may look different in other countries)

Fortunately, it is one that can be purchased without prescription both in USA
as well as Australia and i would think in many other countries as well
since it belongs to the cosmetic category rather than the pharmaceutical.

      Oil Free is important because Malassezia  Thrives in Oil.

( . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . And so Does Demodex! . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . )

I know now and have verified after countless samples examined
under the microscope that my problem is just Malassezia Yeast
and no Demodex as initially suspected, but it makes me wonder
whether people that have Demodex could possibly benefit using it.

              I Do Not Know and it is Difficult to Verify

if Neutrogena can or does on its own possibly kill the yeast
but one thing i am sure of,  is its effect on the dead skin
since nothing else before has produced such dramatic result.

                               I Do Not Know either:
How Safe it is to use on a daily basis and extensively as i do

but i believe that all else i was using before in much greater quantities and frequency
throughout the day and night or having to resort in long term internal medications
would certainly not be any better...

Finally, if these recent changes prove successful i believe that since it is a natural part
of the body flora and due to its 'ubiquitous' nature i.e 'omnipresent', 'universal' etc,
i may never be able to get rid of it completely but hope that it is possible
in a few more months to have returned to normal levels that my immune system
may be able to handle better and cause no significant harm on my body or disruption
in my life.

My updated daily treatment is now based on this discovery and adapted to the best way
i can think of - for now- as it obviously worked well for me:

- Daily swim in salt chlorinated pool

 (July 12 : Unfortunately it took $35 grand  and a few months in a rented place
                 to discover that that the salted pool water was good for the outer skin 
                 only because while in it, Malassezia took refuse inside my private areas
                 for a couple of hours and worked in there uninterrupted )

- Topical Only - mix of fungicides*

- Head and body wash with Neutrogena and Shampoo Mixture*
   (applying N* on dry skin then scrub with rough facecloth and rinse)
- Clean and scrub thoroughly finger and toe nails day and night

- Clean ears and nostrils diligently 
 with warm water then dry cotton wool

- Wash well eyes and eyelashes with warm water
  (ears and eyes / lashes in the morning, night or more frequently if required.)

- Boost my immune system with select natural raw unprocessed foods
   (Fruit & vegetables, nuts & seeds, vitamin / probiotic supplements)

* Fungicide mix mentioned above:

- One part Clotrimazol (Canesten Athlets Foot Cream )*
- One part Miconazole (Dactarin )*
- One part Neutrogena (as described above)

Applied topically if / where any itchy or burning sensation

(July 12 : later observations made me discontinue this mixture due to its re-inviting qualities)

Shampoo Mixture*

In a reusable shampoo container i mix 1/3 of the container with:

*Head & Shoulders (Pyrithione Zinc) Shampoo + Conditioner

and 2/3 of container with

* Nizoral (ketonazole 2%)
* Selsun (Selenium/Sulfur)
* Neutrogena Deep clean
* Water
(The first two on their own i have found totally ineffective so far i can tell)

(July 12 : later observations made me discontinue all but Pyrithione Zinc shampoo)

At Night before going to bed:

* I scrub into and under the finger and toe nails the Fungicide mix
(July 12 : Replaced with just Neutrogena - works just as effectively)

*Powder the outer private area and the feet near the toes with Mycil
 to prevent colonising while asleep

* I have also created a hand wash mix to deter MY* presence:

* Soap /Oil Free hand wash
* Whitening toothpaste (just a squirt)
* Dettol disinfectant (approx 1 tbs)
* Neutrogena (approx 1 tbs)
* Water (to help dissolve and blend ingredients)

The two main areas i still have problem due to accessibility and limitation
on what / how much / and for how long i can apply something
are the scalp and hair where it seems to persistently return
-even if in much less volume and activity than before-
and naturally, the less accessible and harder to treat, internal vagina and anal areas.

All outer area is now usually up to 95-98 % 'occupancy and lesion and pain' free.

                                     12 November 11:

*I have recently added to the treatment list, strong acidophilus capsules
orally as well as inserted in the affected areas twice daily
and a dense hard kitchen scrub brush for brushing the scalp morning and evening.

*The Neutrogena treatment after discovery that its Salicylic acid (Blood Thinner)
 is causing me Lung Bleeds, has now been minimised to only Topical use if / when
 there is a lesion threatening to forming.
Another blood thinner side effect is frequent spontaneous bruising (blood vessel bursting)
in different parts of my body.

                                             4 Oct 12

            Notes and Warning Re: Use of Neutrogena:

*I have still not been able to verify if it can kill Malassezia yeast
 as i had due to the above side effects minimise its use to infrequent minute quantities 
 when absolutely necessary, and having now mainly replaced it
with Natural Fresh Seawater from the beach.

*It contains Salicylic Acid which is a Blood Thinner 
 and Should Not be Used Extensively or Left on skin for long periods of time
 ( I was desperate back then and in a 'do and die' frantic  mood
  -regretful foolishness that has cost me a lot but have now learned)

*It is Excellent in Clearing Malassezia GS Layer, damaged, dry, dead skin
 but there are safer and equally effective -if not better- alternatives
 like Seawater and YAM more suitable for longer or extensive use, 
 as detailed in later Entries.

                                            To Recap:

                                   I am not cured yet - but ...

* I am for the first time in nearly 21 months, sane and hopeful

* Totally Lesion - and Pain free

* Activity down to a mere 20% or less
(compared to near suicidal insanity until 2 months ago)

* Beautiful Normal clean skin i did not even have in my 20's

* I enjoy great intervals when i can write an email or do a small job
  without 16 - 20 interruptions to wash, scrub and apply some substance

* Enjoy much longer times without feeling constantly hordes
  crawling up and down my body, pin prick or dig into my skin

* I often enjoy an entire meal without any crawling or digging in sensation

* No more constant acid like burning or incessant itching driving me up the wall

* Have not yet used internal medication and hope not to need to do so.

This is an area where very little research has been done
and i have been one to fall prey to ignorance and  misconceptions
and  try many products and methods and pay the price both in dollars and pain.

I have learned since then to rely on results and observe the behaviour of the 'creature'
rather than what people choose to believe based on human logic assumptions

instead of thorough research or first -hand experience. 

I am eternally grateful to the person that kindly helped me identify the problem
at a time of extreme distress and despair and i too hope that the sharing 
of my experiences may help others in similar conditions.

Here i endeavour to share true information based on first-hand experience with results
using different methods or substances  Both of Success as well as Failures
that may help others if in no other way at least in avoiding painful experiences
by applying products and methods suggested by many well intentioned helping
but greatly misinformed and circulating and perpetuating false treatments 
or having personal interests in, or affiliation with companies promoting 'healing' products
beneficial  for various other uses but Unsuitable for Malassezia and which potentially 
can cause more suffering to those afflicted by an already cruel enough malady.

I am still alert and watchful of new additional ways to conquer the problem.


                              *Malassezia Daily


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