Malassezia Yeast: and Grayish Sticky Layer – GSL

                                               ( June 11 )

          Malassezia Yeast: and Grayish Sticky Layer – GSL


        "The Death of Skin Cells and Creator of the Lizard Skin"

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Often there is a sudden Burning sensation and Red Heat Rash
as if some Caustic substance has been poured on a particular area of skin.
The duration and intensity varies depending on the sensitivity of the area,
the extend of cover and perhaps the time of occurrence.

For example i have never woken up during sleep with or by this sensation
but i have felt it and observed it happening just like that during the day
in areas such as the neck and under the breast. 

When the burning dies and the red of the rash subsides,

a) Some lesions may form soon especially if the burning is accompanied
    by itchy crawling sensations.

b) The skin dries like a dehydrated leaf and depending on the severity
    it may feel like a dry plastic layer stack on the surface that pulls 
    with each movement and  hurts.
    In some areas if there is repeated occurrence, it feels thick and crusty
    like a desert Lizard skin.

c) In some areas it happens quietly with only some mild itching experienced.

When initially laid under the nails there may be a mild sensation of tenderness
or as if the nail edges have been jammed lightly against a door.
In some instances it is visible to the naked eye as ‘dirt’ from ...nowhere
or totally invisible until seen under the microscope  (photo 1)


If the Nails are generally in good condition only gritty shards can be collected
when cleaned but if they are weak especially in the cuticle areas then these areas
form the portal of Fungal infestation often progressing to the nail bed and become
chronic, as inflammation and a resistance weakened area attract more.

It appears the role of the GSL is to provide a steady reliable ‘Glue’
made and laid especially to allow the Crystalline stage Shards when ready
to stick in a chosen area and start digging into the flesh.

GSL  laid quietly and uneventfully or with a Burning Bang
can often be quite visible in certain areas or widespread on the body of many
totally unsuspecting people who consider it as just dry skin
never connecting any of the many linked symptoms.

In some areas the skin may feel slightly sticky to the touch and in some undetectable.
(Some individuals have reported they experience it as rather sticky.)

Below a sample of a widespread area on the shoulder having caused only irritating itching.
Visible to the naked eye if seen against sunlight, but otherwise not easy to see
as it blends evenly with the skin like a chameleon. (photos 1-2-3)

               The lighter looking areas are normal healthy skin, GSL Free. 

                             GSL on the Neck area makes it look dirty
                         against the creases that are lighter and GSL free.

               The same on the feet, visible as darker brown looking areas
                                            as if having walked on dirt


                   Malassezia GSL Scrapings under Digital Microscope

GSL also has a rather strong Ash like Odour which wafts off 
from Body or Scalp during hot weather or  intense activity that causes the body to heat up
or when there is particular chronic accumulation and concentration
even though there may be only minor other symptoms accompanying it.   

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                               Malassezia Sticky Layer  Scrapings
                 Under Digital microscope for more detailed viewing


               Malassezia Sticky Layer Scrapings Viewed a Few Days Later
                               show some development taken place


                Malassezia Sticky Layer Scrapings Viewed a Few Days Later
       Magnification of isolated scraping particle to show detail of development
(augmentation/unfolding of Malassezia contained wrapped in the GSL Scrapings)   

               Malassezia Yeast - One More Puzzle Piece Falling Into Place?...

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                                                                OCT 12

    During these last few days while Observing Ever More Closely the Pattern of its Behaviour
            an Interesting Thought has been Steadily Emerging and unfolding in my mind
       of a Link that Completes the Picture like another Piece of a Puzzle Falling into Place:
                              Malassezia Yeast Does Not spray a Grayish Sticky Layer

               MALASSEZIA IS The Grayish Sticky Layer ITSELF!

  Emerging from the Internals, Spreading on the Body, Causing Burning, Itchy Sensations
then Some Drying Up due to Natural Attrition while Some Solidifies into Crystalline Shards
                    developing Hyphae and Starting to Draw Blood... etc.

      It makes more sense and it links a gap from the G S Layer to the next Development

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