Malassezia Yeast and a Controversial OIL Experiment

                                        ( May 2012 )
     Malassezia Yeast and a Controversial OIL Experiment


                  " A Most Regrettable Experience!..."

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                                                         ( 6 Oct 12 )
                     A question revolving in my mind ever since has been:

                 “If crystalline shards did not stick and if no lesions followed,
                       then how come i ended up having to keep applying 
                                   more and more and more lotion?

               Suspicion and Confirmation that Malassezia Grows in Oil?

                  By Providing the Oil, the Question then becomes the Answer:
                                         ‘More and More and More?’
                                                         * * *                                             

In conjunction with a near three month Acidophilus Trial
i started a New, Controversial and Risky Experiment.

Risky because it has taken me a long time, tremendous effort and a lot of physical 
as well as emotional pain and financially a fortune 
to finally arrive to this much more manageable and tolerable level, 
compared to the absolute hell and torture of the initial outbreak.

I took the risk because:

a) Having  two showers a day with hard brush scrubbing, as well as pool chlorine exposure
    my skin had come to feel tremendously dry, moisture depleted, 
    stretched to the point of tearing like a weak old fabric and was ‘crying’ for some relief.
   (Had stopped applying Neutrogena all over the body due to the salicylic acid /blood thinner 
    causing me Lung Bleeds, and spontaneous Bruising – Blood vessel bursts)

b) I had reached a point i could not think of anything else

c) I had a rather crazy suspicion or hope that perhaps if i provided Malassezia
    with what it needed, it could change its behaviour back to , less aggressive, 
    more natural, the way it used to be before the commencement of long term antibiotics
    and  is with everybody that has it as part of natural body flora but do not even know .

d) I have an open mind and i am ever ready to challenge all theories, including my own
    on all i have known and considered as undeniable  fact, if there is still something
    i have not tried methodically and have not yet reached the end of that road 
    with either 100% certainty or have found a 100% effective solution.

     Malassezia Yeast and Oil Rich Body Lotion Experiment:

Having read that Malassezia is a Lipophilic creature, i.e. Loves Oil and Thrives in it
and having gone initially, to my great regret, through several applications of Tee Tree Oil,
Eucalyptus Oil etc and different Greasy Ointments in desperate attempts to eliminate it
I had found instead that it had got worse and was attracted to those areas
like Bees to a Honeypot,  making it harder and harder to clear and heal these areas.

An additional reason i used to apply these Oils was also for their Disinfectant 
 qualities against breathing in any bacteria or viruses during the cold /flu seasons.

From memory, i recall that while the disinfecting effect and strong smell of the oil
was present, there was some apparent short time of quietness,
but when this  effect subsided, it seemed like the OIL attracted it back
like a Corpse attracts the Vultures.

The message finally, after a lot of pain and expense, sunk in
and i stopped believing this favourite “Lolly Pop’ theory widespread 
on many websites, presenting or promoting these Oils as a solution.

I could speculate such theory could have some merit in it
if one could immerse the creature, be it Malassezia or Demodex, 
completely in the oil long enough * and without any other provision
or ability to complete its cycle, something which is impossible to apply on the body,


a) It is invisible to observe and follow its behaviour
b) It sinks below the skin surface and gets protected by the outer membrane
   (see photos of impregnated follicles in photos section)
   (and there are so many areas that is impossible to apply anything at all)
c) How long is long enough if it does not die and /or has the ability to stop and hibernate,
    or be impregnated with Oil which it uses as a medium for growth and multiplication     
    despite oil's disinfecting qualities?

Having said all this, the last thing that would make any sense
would be for me deciding to go on a new experiment of what else 
but ... ‘Applying Oil in Body Lotion form’ on my skin, 
to watch more closely what follows (and be ready to jump off a bridge if backfired :) lol!)
 but... this is exactly what i did!

(OCT 12 : Not many times in my life have i considered myself an utter fool
 but this once ... i completely deserved it and as beyond my usual conservative side 
 and comprehension ... well... desperation does funny things to people's brains...)

Some of the reasons i took that risk i have already mentioned above
and there has been a lot of collective data in my mind about people mentioning
that ‘this or that’ ‘helped’... initially (of course)... but then ....etc ... ...
There was also a memory of an elderly pool friend of mine some time back
-before i had developed the problem myself or even knew it existed-
that went really frantic searching for a replacement of her body lotion when  finished 
and was unavailable at the stores,  because her skin was
         “dry and ...itchy ...and was driving her crazy!”

I am wondering now if it was a ‘body lotion feeding her natural yeast’ 
and providing her with relief from the symptoms... but hard to confirm of course.

So ... i bought myself a Natural –as can be- Oil Rich Body Lotion and Hair Conditioner
and when applied some on my body i experienced some absolutely heavenly bliss
that millions of women all over the planet have known and experiencing 
for thousands of years...

I have never really been a lotion girl!... could never stand greasy feeling
always preferred my skin in its natural condition which never gave me trouble.

Now i could absolutely relate to the ‘it helps’, as meaning ‘provides relief’, statement.

       But “ Who or How” it helped???? ... and what Followed Next?....

                    Somehow for me  it turned out very Ugly!...

                    Observations and Notes from my Diary:

During the first 2 days i applied liberally the lotion and conditioner three times a day.

I harvested a plethora of

- white crystalline/ dandruff like/shards (see photos section)
- maroon crystalline/ dandruff like/shards
- maroon/black gritty, sand size, dots
- maroon/black? tiny speck dots ... (spores)

It was like as if nothing could get into my skin or even stick firmly onto the surface.
It all felt on the tips of my fingers while rubbing when i felt crawling or the burning sensation,
and intensity felt as if diminished considerably to just 10% of what used to feel on clean dry skin,
when directly exposed to their chemical releases.

1)During the first week when applied lotion in certain areas where had been 
    persistent colonisation, in addition to some newly invaded ones,
    there was an initial 'Response' burning sensation –possibly to some alcohol content in lotion.
    I suspected it was Malassezia not liking and responding with the release of its corrosives
    much like described in the "Treatments" section in regards to the use of Hydrogen Peroxide,
    but without creating any painful lesions.
    Within a few days the burning sensation after the lotion application subsided
    and the activity in all concerned areas was –apparently considerably reduced
                                         Yet... somewhat persistent...

One new, initially puzzling result was that whenever i felt a slight itch and rubbed my hand
gently through that area, i would pick up a lot of 'loose' white crystalline shards
resembling fine rock salt as well as some black dots that looked like round specs of dust.

More and more of both types... but absolutely Not One lesion anywhere on the body...
(Some rather intense digging/pricking sensation on the scalp, been free from any
substances other than usual Pyrithion Zinc shampoo and the newly applied Conditioner
 Was this a typical relocation?...)

No detectable grayish sticky substance to be rubbed off the body.
The lotion layer appeared to create a barrier, not allowing Malassezia shards 
to stick firmly onto the flesh... or the oil already provided a substitute for it.

All scrubbed off a lot easier and much more effectively in the shower, 
both morning and night as usual!
(Lotion re-applied fresh immediately after towel drying before Malassezia
 could take advantage of vulnerable, free, dry, clean flesh)

I worked out that perhaps the white crystalline shards that rubbed off easily
on the palm of my hand, could not stick on the skin because the lotion layer
rendered the grayish substance it usually sprayed, ineffective,
therefore it became unable to stick, dig in and create lesions
and -as i suspect- initiate incubation/division or whatever process it follows
for its multiplication.  
The Black dots, which also could not stick, i suspected were, perhaps, spores
impregnated with blood.

I had a suspicion that if i put them under the microscope they would look maroon
so in order to confirm without going into all the trouble of verifying that way,
i dropped some specks into the outer area of the bathroom basin 
where they would get wet but not washed down the drain if i run water during washing.

The result!... some remained just black specks that slightly increased in size
even if imperceptibly, so i assumed those were not of any interest
but some ... did exactly what i expected them would do if they were Malassezia.

They increased in size with the absorption of water and turned Bright, Blood Red!...
Suspicion Verified!... i.e they were Malassezia impregnated with blood.

 3 Weeks into it:

*Still No Lesions anywhere,
*Long periods of 98% of Outer Private area Free of Burning or Itching 
  though still High Presence and  Feel of Activity
*No Digging-in into the flesh  despite high presence and activity.

Is it the layer of the lotion/oil that just prevents it from digging in?...
It sounds far too simple for something so effective, considering that many women 
with the same problem already use some kind of lotion yet the problem persists.

I suspect -but naturally, not absolutely certain, yet!- that something more substantial 
may be happening, such as being provided for part of what it requires for the process
of its development, it simply gets it and eventually solidifies and stops there
unable to either develop the hyphens seen in the photos or to dig into the flesh ... 

The lotion/oil not allowing it to adhere as close to the skin in the same way
its own  grayish sticky substance does, it remains there suspended -and vulnerable-
and its caustic burning release does not affect the skin either.

(OCT 12 : It never occurred to me at the time that Labs using OIL as a medium
to Grow Malassezia, there is no mention of blood and flesh, 
therefore OIL somehow may be enough for tis growth without necessity to dig in to the skin,
as it can easily slide back inside into the internal areas where it does return to anyway
at some stage of its development...)

That much was recorded until it was time to start getting ready to move home
and had no time to record what followed or rather what was developing in parallel 
with the above.

                                             So what next??? ...

                  Unbelievably marvellous as it all appeared that far
-though not enough time to safely establish long term affects and results-
                      somehow for me  it turned out very ugly!...

On a parallel with the apparent good results, as at that stage i had not yet verified 
with any certainty any increase in quantity despite the feel of continuing high activity,
some strange pains started to develop deep inside my bones.

Initially i thought it might be the effect of the inulin -a plant derived type of sugar
contained in the acidophilus capsules which also caused me a slight headache 
for a couple of hours each day- so i ignored them.

Additionally having just recovered from a couple of broken ribs a few months back 
i thought it might not be unusual but they started to increase in frequency
and potency and  spread in other bone areas of the body becoming difficult to ignore.

During the 4th week of the trial, the pains in my leg bones not only were stronger
but it started to feel as if they were also thinning and becoming very weak
to the point that at times i felt i could crumble to the floor any minute .

When that feeling started to Spread down to the Bones of my Feet
and somehow my shoes now seemed one size larger for them 
and felt as they were Not Strong enough to Support my meagre weight 
which also had started to drop suddenly like Mercury in winter to just 40 kg 
or possibly even below, according to my husband
and my Skirts Falling off, not just from the waist but the hips as well.
I really started to Panic having no doubt that Something was Terribly Wrong. 

I thought hard!... very hard about it and what could the problem possibly be,
and as the New OIL Experiment was the Only change in my very careful
routinely cautious life, i started to wake up to the possibility
that what was affecting the mineral density of my bones
was something i had known from long ago, which was:  

“Small amount of Oil Facilitate absorption of Calcium – Too much Inhibit it! ”

Now, how can someone determine what is the right or safe amount of oil 
especially if it is only absorbed by the skin from a rich oil lotion?...

I could not answer this question quantitatively and been very busy packing
i kept thinking that i had to act fast -but not during the move...

While packing and thinking, One of my Molars Brokean area of zero to date problems 
and now a more palpable confirmation of what was going on

Pretty close now to moving and more anxious to find a solution as quick as possible
another incident  followed:  A light cough caused my recently healed ribs to break anew,
landing me in immense pain and inconvenience at a very bad time.

                              At this point I Stopped Cold Turkey! 
                          Fearing next could be More Broken Ribs,
                                     Legs, Feet or Hips etc.

I was quite puzzled with this unexpected result because thousands of women 
all over the world use luxurious body lotions every day, judging by the quantities,
brands and varieties sold at Chemist’s and Super markets and the Lotion i used,
a well-known Brand used by many Aussie women on a daily basis,
but STOP i had to, irrespective of any universal facts,
having to take into account that my body, was fighting multiple battles in many fronts.

One little detail that needs to be mentioned is that apart from applying the lotion all-over
i also started treating individual parts where and whenever i felt a crawling sensation
and it had started to feel increasingly like i was rewarding a puppy for bad behaviour
or giving into blackmail with the bad party returning for more and more and more...
and soon having small jars of lotion handy in every place where i sat or worked etc

This  had started making me suspicious for the long term result, i.e 
that it was  inviting ...it was Oil after all! ... and could it start to multiply faster again
especially if i could not treat the internal sources of origin and /or multiplication 
such as Vagina, Colon, Ear Canals etc.)

Due to personal negative results that may not necessarily affect other people in quite
the same way and because of the short duration of the unfinished experiment
i will refrain mentioning the Brand of Body Lotion and Hair Conditioner 
but will give an indication of the Oils contained in the list of ingredients of both.

Avocado Oil, Sesame Seed Oil, Rose Hip Oil, Jojoba Oil, Wheat Germ Oil, Cocoa Butter,
Shea Butter,  Vitamin E, Tangerine Peel Oil, Mandarin Orange Peel Oil, Lavender Oil.

(OIL GALORE! for Malassezia to Bathe in it and Rejoice... Like a Pig in the Mud!)
                                                         * * *                                                                             
                           Malassezia Yeast and Natural Fresh Seawater  
While nursing anew my Broken Ribs and now unpacking again, and still thinking what to do next
i decided to instead use some Fresh Seawater from down our blessed Beach 
hoping it would at least keep the beast in check until i could think of some other solution.

                                    Oh Miracle of Miracles!!!!!! ......

                                What An Incredible Discovery!...




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