Home Made...LOL! :)


In just 1 hour!....


* 3 heaped Tablespoons of home made Yoghurt
    (straight out of the fridge!)

* Spread thickly on a clean Facecloth

* Slap on your burning hot unsuspected genitals.

* Waddle slowly to the nearest chair and sit carefully
    without misplacing the cloth from the main area

* Sit still while absorbing the shock of the sudden coldness

* Close your weary eyes ... if you can convince yourself

    you have not 'just done it' in your pants

     and try to relax for One hour...

* Remove Facecloth carefully ...and ...Presto!....
     You ve just got freshly made Cottage cheese!...
     And if you are lucky ... hopefully some half dead,
shocked and semi paralysed Legggggged creatures!

* Ah!!!.......and dont forget to do this at 4 am
     while it is still quiet and pitch black!
     ...or it wont be as much fun...

I have more ...lethal recipes like this
but somehow i dont think many would be keen on them
... dont know why! ...

This qualifies as a first class
"Please Do not Laugh...its Real"
theme for my blog
but i think i ll give it a miss ...

* * *

This is not actually a recipe ... although it did work,
but rather an email i sent to my daughters during the initial times
of naive perceptions and expectations of 'helpful' home remedies
trying to combat one of the most evil creatures on earth
or what i have come to call now as the spawn of hell...

I want to start with something humorous, which is both funny as well as sad
as its reality is before i get down to - and while i am working with the serious stuff.

I have to entertain you so that you come back ...
Without creating any obligation i must admit that your support and help is valuable to me- and hopefully my blog may help others.

Humour is one way that helps me cope with the situation even when in tears.

My man knows this well and he often succeeds to make me do both.

        * * *

By the way ... the recipe was successful both in creating cottage chese as well as relocating the pest but only temporary...